Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Mexico Half Marathons 2014 and 2015

New link to the --------> New Mexico Half Marathons page!  The New improved Half Marathon Calendar!

The New Mexico Half Marathon Calendar is a complete simplistic listing of NM half marathons. Currently the New Mexico half marathon schedule has 2014 New Mexico half marathons and 2015 New Mexico half marathons as they roll in.  New Mexico half marathons 2014 & New Mexico half marathons 2015 also identify trail half marathons and walker friendly half marathons by a (T) symbol and a (W) symbol.  The (T) means it is a TRUE trail half marathon (off road, switchbacks, etc) and a (W) means it is truly "official walker friendly" requiring the half marathon to allow a minimum of 18:32 mile pace, minimum 4 hours for participants to finish the 13.1 mile distance.

The New Mexico half marathon race calendar features a complete listing of Albuquerque half marathons, Los Alamos half marathons, Las Cruces half marathons, Roswell half marathons, Clayton half marathons, Lovington half marathons, Shiprock half marathons, Taos half marathons, Valles Caldera half marathons, Red River half marathons, Santa Fe half marathons, and many more 1/2 marathons in NM.

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